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Wasabi Pizza
Spring rolls

Restaurant Reviews

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The most delicious sushi and rolls in Haifa, taste the same as we are used to in Russia / Ukraine, there are no complaints at all.
Denis Kuzmich
Denis Kuzmich
Excellent service, delicious sushi. We drive 45 km behind them. Constantly there are promotions or gifts, which is very nice.
Roman Sukhomlinov
Roman Sukhomlinov
After some interesting walks with friends, we decided to stop by for a snack. We were satisfied and well-fed, we liked this place.

Chef Recommends

Choose a perfect combination of main dish and wine, thanks to our Chef’s specials
8 pieces. An incredible delicacy with a crispy shell, which adds a special piquancy to the dish
₪ 45
300 g
Eum mollitia molestias deleniti ullam nemo dignissimos.Expedita ab velit hic temporibus illum et sed exercitationem.Aut eveniet sint sed sit architecto ut nisi.Omnis cum repudiandae rerum odio consequatur fuga.Quidem omnis omnis inventore et aliquid.
230 gr.8 piecea
60 gr 2 pieces
₪ 9
100g, 6 pcs
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